Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hello my amazing family and friends,
Well it of course has been another amazing week. Well first is first, transfer info!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be staying here in Irkutsk, but i am getting a new companion. Her name in Sister Antoniva. She from Ukraine. I dont know her, well i think i met her once, but anyway i hear she is way awesome, so i am excited to be companions with her. I think this transfer is going to be great and that some great things are going to happen.

Well we have 6 investigator, that area all progressing. Two have said they want to get baptized and the others are very interested. It will be great to see how they progress this next transfer. I have 2 cool stories to tell about 2 investigators. So the first one is about Kostia. Well he has a lot of questions about the resurrection. Some days he feels like he beliefs it and some days she doesnt. Well he has always been really excited to meet with us and then all of a sudden he stared not coming to meeting. We would call him and he would kind of make excuses not to come. Well on sunday we had a meeting with him and talk AGAIN about the ressurection. At the end he said that lesson had given him alot of answers and he was really happy he came and he said he felt like resurrection was possible. In our previous lessons we had committed him to pray about our message and ask god if it was true. So on sunday we asked him if he prayed and her said, "WELL........ You know..........(right then i thought oh here comes another excuse why he didnt pray)..... Yes i did pray....... and i was told to come to this meeting"!!!!!!! WOW EEEEEE then they continued to say that he didnt really want to come because he was having doubts about what we had taught him and about what he had read in th Book of Mormon. So he said he prayed about it if he should go to the meeting and he said said he really felt like he needed to come. Then he realized that god wanted him to hear our message. He is a great guy. That is a great example how prayer is real and it does work. God always listens and he gives us answers.

Ok well the other story is about our new investigator Diana. Well last wednesday we had set up a meeting with another investigator Gelya and we had asked a young girl whos name is also Diana who is the branch presidents daughter to help us with this meeting. Well she was going to come a half hour early so we could have a small lesson with her before our lesson with Gelya. So at 6:30 as we are waiting for Diana, in walks a girl that we dont know into the branch building. There were 2 elders there too and i though maybe they knew her. Well to make the story short none of us knew her. so i asked her what her name was and she said DIANA!!!! We thought what another Dianna. Well what happened was that we thought we had called Diana(the presidents daughter) but really we called and this other Diana who was a old investigator of some elders a couple years ago hahaha well the cool thing was that she was way excited to meet with us and very interested in the gospel. What a coincidence, I think not, it was a miracle. Sometimes the lord works in interesting ways. Sometimes he leds people to us.

Missionary work is great. So often i see this small miracles and realized AGAIN that this really is the lords work and he knows what he is doing and knows what we as missionaries can do to be successful. I love being a missionary and i love being here in Russia. The gospel is so important and it needs to be shared with all. I feel and see myself changing everyday and growing closer to my savior and gaining a great understanding of this gospel. The gospel is amazing and wonderful and beautiful and PERFECT!!!!!! Its true and its our way to happiness and eternal life. OHHHH man i am just so thankful and i have never been so happy!!!!!!
Well the weather here is great!!! Its getting warmer and warmer!!! YAY i am tired of the cold weather. Some days we dont even need jackets.
So life is good and i hope all is well for all of you. i love you all so much!!! Well i cant wait to hear from you all next wednesday!!!!!
love always,
Sister Mindy Gneiting

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