Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hello everyone amazing who is reading this!!!!!!
Well life is great!!! Thanks for all the photos you sent. Its was so great to see everyone, I'll just say everyone has changed. You all look so great, not saying you didnt look great before!! haha Oh i just have an amazing family, i love you all so much. I loved the picture of the whole family together. It looks like your having fun with out me, haha thats good. Im glad you dont miss me to much :)

Well life is really so great right now. This last week was amazing. This last week we found 3 new GREAT investigators. The first one was Kostia, he is 31 and we found him while contacting on the street one day. He was very interested in hearing more and this last half of the week we meet with him 3 times and he came to church. He is progressing so much. He is excepting everything and loves learning more. When we first meet him he said he didnt believe in life after death, but then in our meeting with him yesterday we asked him what he thought about it now after we have taught him. He said he believed in the Restoration!!!! He still is looking for his answer if the Book of Mormon is true, but he will receive it soon. He is so great though. We asked him to think about when he wants to get baptized, so we will see what happens. The other is this lady named Gelia. So to start of this story there is another lady Tatiana so is not a member but is mom of a member, so anyway we had set up a meeting with this lady to tell her about the church, well she brings her friens Gelia along and we didnt even now Gelia. Well we taught them about the restoration through Joseph Smith. It was a great lesson and at the end Gelia ask. "I was baptized in the russia orthodox church, is that ok?" (by the way we hadnt even talked about baptism yet, all we had said is that our church has the priesthood and the authority to to baptism) so we told her that her baptism wasnt done the right way and not by the authority of Jesus Christ but that out church has that authority. She then told us she want to be baptized that right way and in our church. I asked her is she though our church was true and that JS was a prophet and she said YES!!!! So we set a baptismal date that will be in the beginning of April. We had another lesson with her yesterday and she told us that she has been searching for the truth for soooooo long and now she thinks she found it. We feel so blessed to have found her and now we have the chance to teach her about the gospel. She is amazing and its is so true she has found the truth. Our church is the truth, we have the true gospel, the only true church of jesus christ. We have another meeting with her tonight. Then we have another new investigator Natasha so is really interested in learning more. She came to church and really liked it and wants to meet with us again. And then our other investigator Anna, we are still working with. We had to move back her baptism because she didnt come to church. We not quit ready for baptism, but she wants to, we just need to help get ready for it by teaching her some more stuff. So those are the main people we are working with right now.

Lately we have been on, you could say a dry spell and didnt have many people to teach, but we kept working and tried to do what the lord wanted us to do and tried to find this people to teach and now the lord was blessed us and has led us to this people to teach. This is the lords work, and when we do it his way and recognize this help in the work, we become successful, ITS GREAT!!!!

Well transfers is this next week. We find out transfer info on friday. Im not sure if i will be staying or going, but we will find out soon. So next week i fill you in on the news.

So Russian is coming along well, I am still not fluent, which i dont know if i ever will be haha but i know enough to be a missionary and do the lords work. The cool thing is that i dont need to know perfect russian, as long as i am doing my part and trying, the lord helps me the rest of the way. I have seen and felt that help many times. This is his work and he wants this work to continue so it only makes sense that he would help me.

Yeah mom you can accept those people on facebook haha people i know here are always telling me that they find me on facebook. I tell them, "cool we can be real friends after mt mission!" haha if your friends on facebook that means its a a real friendship, right? :)

Yes there are alot of asian people here, thats alot different than Novosibirsk. The weather is getting warmer. Today i wore no coat!! YAY!!!!

Sorry if my english is really bad, russian is taking over and english is becoming hard to speak and spell haha
Well i love you all so much. Keep being great!!!!
Sister Gneiting

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