Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hello Hello Hello!!!!!!
It was so great to talk to you on Sunday and hear your voices. I feel like i have told you everything already, so i am trying to think whats new to write in this email. Well i guess i can start with the weather :) haha well it stinks right now, well not literally, but it is cold again. The good thing is that it is only raining and not snowing. We had some really nice warm days last week. Its really nice when i dont have to wear a coat!!!!!
So i have a new amazing person to tell you about. Well her name is Marina. She came to church on sunday and we didnt know who she was. Well we started talking to her and found out she is our elders quorum president's neice. She is not a member but is very interested in the church. We went later that day and taught her and then have been teacher her very day since. She is SOOOOOO ready for the gospel and to be baptised. She is only 18 and has battled with leukemia. At one point she was in stage 4 of cancer, but now is doing better. When you talk to her you can tell that because of her battle with cancer she has become a very strong person and has developed a strong testimony with the Lord. She told us that at one point the doctors has no hope for her, and she said that is when she turned her life over to god and started reading the bible and praying and soon received a miracle and was healed and recovered and know is doing great. After that she decided she wanted to find the truth church and through her uncle she found out about our church. She is amazing and is soaking everything up that we teach her. She is such a great example for all of us. Life is hard, we all have things that weigh us down, and we can choice how we will respond to this tribulations. We should all learn from Marina and always allow the Lord to led our lives. The gospel brings so much happiness to our lives, if we allow it to. We need to live everyday the way the Lord wants us to. Not only will he bless us as we follow him, but he will use us as instruments in his hand in bring others to this great happiness we acquire from the gospel. The gospel is true, so why not share it with all. I am so thankful for the gospel and to be serving a mission. Everyday my testimony is strengthened and i learn new things that i know i never would have learned if i wouldnt have gone on this mission. IF anyone has the opportunity to serve a mission, DO IT!!! You will never regret it. Oh and by the way for all you married older couples with grown children, my mission president has asked us to tell everyone that we know that our mission needs new senior couples. If any married couple are interested in serving a mission or if you know of any couples who are thinking about it, let me know because my mission president can request them and then most likely they will be called here. This is the best mission is the world to serve in and because our mission is bigger then the united states, its very hard for president to get around to all the cities and take care of everything, so senior couple are a HUGE blessing to our mission and to the missionaries here. So yeah let me know.
Mom thats way cool about your friend from your youth that was baptised and way cool that he lives in scotts ward. Oh by the way scott i gave mom that info about that lady who lives in costa mesa and is the daughter of Galina, a member in my branch here. You should try to get a hold of them. I hope they speak english. The next time i see Galina i will take a picture with her so you can show them. Anyway that would be cool if you could help them receive the gospel because they arent members. I expect a report from you on your effort.
Dad i am sorry the Jazz lost. There is always next year though and now you have baseball to watch!! GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People here dont no really anything about baseball, its really sad. Also they dont now how to play american football, its very funny to watch them try. But the are great at soccer!!!
Well im sorry i cant think of anything else to say. I should start keeping notes of things that happen through out the week so i can remember to tell you about them. Well maybe i will do that for next week!!! Well ofcourse i love you all and cant wait to hear from you next week!!!! Have a great week.
Sister Mindy Gneiting

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