Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Hello everybody!!!!
Well it has been another great week here in Russia. Time is going by faster than ever. We are approaching the end of this transfer, yeah already I know crazy. Next week we will find out transfer info about where we will be next transfer. Well this last week was conference week. First we had zone conference, which was great. President and Sister Trejo and the Assistants came and we had a great conference with them. We were taught how we can teach by the spirit and how we can use the Book of Mormon better in our teaching and why the book of mormon is so important. It was a really great conference. Then on saturday and sunday we got to watch general conference. We watch it a week later because we wait to get it in the russian language. So the members of the branch watched it in russian in one room and we watched it in english in a different room. Conference was GREAT!!!! As usually. So much guidance on strengthening relations within the family. After wards we were talking about how it kind of made all us missionaries trunky with all the talk about family and thinking about out families back home. We overcame our trunkyness though and are back to work :) but conference reminded me how thankful i am for my family. YOU ARE THE BEST AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! I'm so excited to talk to you in a few weeks!!
Well the work is continuing on here in Irkutsk. Our investigator Anna who is a little sister to a member of our branch said she wanted to get baptized!!!! YAY!!!!! She is great. We have only been teaching her for about a week, so we still have a lot more to teach her, but she said she knew the church was true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet. So her baptism will be in a few week. The date isnt forsure, but we have a meeting with her tomorrow and we will set one then. She hasnt come to church yet though and she needs to come twice before she can be baptized. So we are working with getting her to church. She is such a great girl though. Last week we had 2 baptisms here in Irkutsk. It was this older married couple Vladimir and Tamara. It was great to see them baptized together as husband and wife, and maybe in a year they can be sealed in the temple and have the oppurtunity to be together forever. How great this gospel is to give families this wonderful blessing.
Mom you graduated!!!!!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!! I'm so happy for you. I wish i could have been there to celebrate, we will just have to take a rain check and when i get back we will celebrate. Man you are just amazing! You will miss school so much though im sure, you loved it. I will miss seeing your 4.0 grade reports on the fridge :) Good job mom!!!! I just love you so much. Oh no.......... now i cant say "my mom goes to college" like Napoleon Dynamite anymore. oh man sad day haha
So everyone you wont believe it................. tomorrow is my hump day. Tomorrow is the 15 of April which means i have completed half of my mission. I only have 9 months left. I cant believe it, i have so much more to do. I am jealous that elders get 2 years, that would be so nice. Its just that this work is amazing. My time is spent in the work of the lord, and it truly is incredible. The church and this gospel IS TRUE and ALL people need to hear. This work is hard, its the hardest thing i have ever done, yes even harder than nursing school (my friends from nursing i know you cant believe that, but its true :) haha) but all the hard times is worth it. To be honest some days are so hard i feel like quiting, but you know who that is right.... yup Satan, and he wants me to think that i cant do this and that i might as well give up, but when i turn to the lord and allow his love, mercy, and knowledge to become part of me, my attitude changes and i realize I CAN DO THIS and more importantly the lord knows i can do this. The Novosibirsk mission is a hard mission, it is actually considered i think in the top 5 hardest missions, but that doesnt matter. The work is possible anywhere and at anytime. Its possible here for me and its possible for you were ever it is that you are reading this. Every person needs US to share this gospel with them, and the Lord knows we can so it. The work is great!!!
I love you all so much
until next week
Sister Gneiting

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