Thursday, March 4, 2010

Leave Mindy a message

I know that their are several of you following Mindy's blog and enjoying reading about her Russian adventures.

I know that she would love to hear from you.

Please feel free to leave messages to her on this blog
(Click on comments at the bottom of each post)

I will send her your messages each week in my email.

Or you can just email me at
and I will forward your message on to her.

I know that she cares about all of you and hearing from you would be a real lift for her.


Carol (Mindys Mom)

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  1. Sister Gneiting
    You have commented on my blog often and I thought I would comment here. Sister Simmons and I love Sister Gneiting and miss her in Novosibirsk, but she is doing great work in Irkutsk and has a marvelous senior couple there, the Southams. We are all working hard to support each other in a difficult place and trying to find and teach the elect. She is a great teacher and will surely find those who are prepared to listen. Best wishes to the Gneiting clan and to your wonderful missionary in Irkutsk.
    Elder Simmons