Thursday, March 18, 2010


I cant believe it is time to write again! seriously time is going by so fast!!! This last week was great. We had zone conference and of course it was amazing. The conference started at 9 am and went till 3 pm and Pres and Sis Trejo spoke and they were both very inspiring and then Pres Schwitzer basicall took the rest of the time teaching us about all sorts of stuff. Also the APs (assistance to the president) did some training with us. It was all GREAT!!!! After I just felt to inspired and ready to get back to work and so much harder and better.

I also had a interview with both pres trejo and schwitzer, which were great experinces. They are so smart in the gospel and so spiritual and they were able to answer questions i had about the gospel and how to be a better missionary. So conference was great and i wish all of you could have been there too.

Well the new transfer starts today and i am staying here in Irkutsk. I am glad because there are some great people we are working with here. It is always sad to think about leaving the city I am serving in and that when i leave i may never see this people again, but i am here for another 6 weeks, so all is well.

So last night i started talked to this lady at english club and we were talking about the gospel and she was really interested in hearing more, so we are meeting with her today to teach her about the restoration. Her name is Nadya and i really excited about teaching her. So as for our other investigator, well Natasha and Helen have both been so busy lately, they both want to meet with us, but dont have time. So thats hard but Helen came to english last night and she told us that she read the assignment we had given her to read in the Book of Mormon and that she really likes it. That made us really happy.

We have a couple other investigators too, but they arent really wanting to progress. I guess know is not there time. We need to find new investigators, but english club just started back up and we get alot of investigator for that. So soon we should have new people to teach.

Also we have been working with s few inactive ladies from the branch, and we are seeing great progress with them. Once has been to church 3 weeks in a row, when before she hadnt been for along time. Also another lady said she would go with us to church this sunday. I wont be here because i will be in finland, but my companion is going to meet her before church. So the work is moving along.

This city is a really hard city for missionary work right not. It has only been open to missionaries for 7 years!!!! YAY 7 YEARS!!!! Can you believe that? My interview with Pres Trejo was really good, and he help me to know that even though the work is really hard here is Irkutsk the lord want us here and he will prepare a way. We are working hard here, it is just hard sometimes when we dont see the fruits of our labors. But I still love being a missionary,even through this hard times.

Well I leave in 2 days for Finland. Finland is great and i am so excited to go to the temple. So next week i will tell you how the trip went.

Well i love you all so much!!!!!
Sister Gneiting

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