Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Hello again
Well another week has FLOWN by and now there is only one week left in this transfer!! I cant believe it. Then on top of that I am almost half way done with my mission!! This just cant be right. This must be about another missionary and not me. I fill like i am running out of time and cant even imagine not being here is Russian, but my time here as a missionary will come to end and sooner than i would like so i have to not waste anytime. But lets not think about the end, lets think about whats happening right now. Ok so let me think, whats happening? haha Well tomorrow President Trejo and President Schwitzer are coming to town. President Schwitzer is a general authority and i believe our Area president or something, im sure yo could look him up and find out exactly who he is. I have meet him once, he came to Novo during my first transfer, and he is amazing. So he is doing a mission tour of our mission right now. President trejo our mission president is accompanying him as well. They have been to the rest of the areas of the mission and are coming here to Irkutsk for the last stop. While they are here we will be having zone conference, which we have once a transfer. I am very excited for this. President Schwitzer and President Trejo are both men called of god to be in this leadership positions and when they speak inspiration just flows from them. So this conference i know will be great. Tomorrow i will be having my interview with Pres Trejo, which i am looking forward to as well because it is always great to talk one on one with him. I always leave our interviews feeling great and inspired on how i can be better.
So this friday night is when president calls all the missionaries and tells them their transfer info and where they will be next transfer. So i will find out then where i will be, but since we are having interviews with him tomorrow he might just tell us missionaries here in Irkutsk a little early. But anyway i will find out soon. I am hoping to stay here a least one more transfer because we do have so investigators that we have started teaching with in the last couple of weeks that i would like to continue to work with also we have some old investigators from previous missionaries that we started working with again and things are looking good with them. One girl named marina we talked to last night and she said she had prayed and read the book of mormon (we had asked her to do that) she said that she had prayed before reading though and wanted to try and and pray after and see if she could receive an answer about if it is true. She is a great girl, but had problems with the past missionaries about following through with commitments they gave her and about having a desire to change churches, but know she is keeping commitments so we pray she will continue to grow. Two other investigators who are friends, Helen and Natasha both came to church on sunday. It was there first time and they really like it. The hard thing is that they work alot and so it is hard to meet with them, but we are supposed to meet with them later in the week and hopefully they will come to church again.
Well English Club is back!!!!!! YAY Our branch building was being painted for the last month and so we didnt have english club, which was a bummer because we get alot of new investigators from it. So this last month we spent alot of time passing out flyers advertising for english club. Then yesterday we had a sign up for new people and we had a lot come and sign up and then we are doing the sign up again today and then on friday we begin club again. So we are hoping for a lot a new people at english club, which mean more potential investigators!!!!
So some other great news is that next week i will be in finland again!! It is time again to go get a new visa. For americans missionaries here in russia we can only get a 3 month visa and then at the end of the three months we have to go out of the country and the come back in on our new visa. So we go to finland for the weekend. Finland is beautiful and amazing so it will be good.
So Mom you graduate in like a month!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish i could be there to celebrate with you. So Rhiana, Scott, Amy Joy, Trent, Amy, Hollie, and Cameron you all better be there to support her and to celebrate with her afterward, because i cant and i wish i could. Im sure it will mean a lot to her for you to be there with her. So take a road trip!!! :) Also mom you are going to the sugarland concert!!!! Sweet!!! That will be awesome!!! Take lots of photos. Thanks for the pics of Trent, he is so cute and getting so big. Does he have blue eyes? Scott and Amy, he is so cute and i am sure very spoiled!!!
Well I cant think of much more to say, so I guess i will say good bye. As always i love you all so so so much!!! I cant wait to read all your emails next week!!!
Sister Gneiting

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