Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Aug 4, 2009

(In my last email to Mindy (this is Mindy's mom) I asked her a bunch of Questions and then she just hit reply and answered them and sent it back. She doesn't have much time to read and write emals so i thought this might make it quicker for her. So here are her responses to my questions. I had to edit this a little but I left a few things and you can see in some places where her spelling and english are a little different. She says that the Russian is really doing a job on her and she is already forgetting her english.)

1. So tell me what your responsibilities are as senior companion.
I basically just led them haha. I'm just responsible for making sure we do things we are supposed to and helping us get things done. We all are in the small boat though, so we all help each other.

2. Have you had any general authorities come speak?
We had Elder Groberg, you know the "otherside of heaven" a couple weeks ago. Every sunday we have a fireside but it is just some one that works here at the mtc. Then on tuesday nights we have devo which is some general authority, elder groberg is the only one that I have actually known who he is. Maybe the prophet will come tonight, I will let you know!

3. What is your favorite part of the MTC so far?
I love the food! That answers alot of questions people have asked me. All I eat is salads though! I have lost 9 lbs since being here!! YAY!!! I WILL NOT GAIN WEIGHT!!!!!

4. Did any of your instructors go to your mission? Have they told you any cool stuff about Russia?
One of my teachers went to my mission and the other went to st petersburg I believe. Yeah they tell us stories!

5. Answer the CD question from the other email I sent?
Yeah that all sounds great! Send me Women of Destiny forsure, thats my favorite. Make sure its the one with Gladis Knight!

6. How do you like your companions? Tell me a little bit about them.
I love my companions!!! Sister Boggs you already know about her, she is from Pason Utah. Then Sister Gilmore is from Seatle. They both are great, they are both helping me so much!

7. Do you still see Emily much? Have you heard much from Sister Alli Burton?
Oh do I see Emily!!!!! HAHA yes all the time. I havent seen her yet today though. But that will change soon. Emily leaves next monday :( so I am going to miss her, her companion is way awesome too. She is a nurse, so we get along well! Yeah Alli is doing great as always. I got a letter from her last week. She is now seving in Kansas, which is still part of the Independance Mission. So now she is a full pros sister. I have no doubt that she is doing awesome!I

8. Can you print off your emails? Can you get pictures on email if I send a few attached?
I dont know if we can print them I was wondering that to cuz I dont have a ton of time to read them and then write one too. No the pictures dont show up, well at least they didnt on sister gilmores email.

9. Will you get to call us from the airport when you fly out to Russia?
I dont knoe, i will find out.

10. Do you get packages and mail on the day they arrive at the MTC or do you have to wait until P day?
for the most part, unless the mail comes on saturday night then we dont get them til monday. And dearelders usually come the same day or next day unless they are on sunday then they come on monday.

Thanks for your emial. Great Idea with the questions, that makes things easier. Oh so i have been meaning to tell you that my departer date is September 28 or at least around that date. so not exactly 12 weeks! Eveything is going great here still, I am still loving it. Time is flying by though, i cant believe I have almost been here a month. Russian is coming along, some days coming slow and other days fast. It is a hard language but the way they teach us it doesnt seem to be as hard as you would think it would be. The Lord makes up the difference if I let him! I love my savior so much. Everyday I grow closer and closer to him!! He loves us so much, beyond words. He loves us so much that he volunteered to atone for each one of us. He wasnt forced to do it, he just loves us so much that he did it! He is my strengh, I cant do this with out him. I am so excited to go to Russia and bring happiness to those people. The gospel changes lives and makes people happy.
So the holy ghost is amazing, I am relying so much on him. At times I dont even realize it but the holy ghost is leading me to do and say things. Every week we get to do a mock teaching leason and sometimes I dont even know what I am saying becuase its not me saying it, its the Lord through the holy ghost. Its amazing.

Well I am out of time I love you all so so so much. Thanks for the letters they help me so much. I need your love and support everyday!!

Love all of you always,
Cectpa Gneiting

PS mom can u buy some of the scripute master picture things that you can put in sciprutes for me and send them to me. A sister from russia wants some but they dont have them here. thanks

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