Saturday, August 29, 2009

So I have finally figured out how to get more time emailing. Still 30 mins but just today I figured out that if I print the emails off real fast and log off and then log back on when I am done reading the emails I will have like a lot more time to write!! WOW Im smart, it took me a few weeks to figure it out though :)

Well everything is still great! I was sad to see aunt jeannie and uncle roger leave. It was so fun having them here. A good friend of mine came into the mtc this week. His name is scott and I know him from school. Its fun seeing him around!

So we taught lesson 1 in Russian last weds, it went pretty good. I need a lot of improvement, but I know it will get easier. HARD WORK AND THE LORDS HELP!!!! The lord helps and guides us so much. I am realizing all the things in my life that the lord has helped me with, or things that have led to getting me on this mission. I know the Lord has something planned for me in Russia. I wouldn't pick to be anywhere else but here on this mission, I would really really love to actually be in russia, but that comes soon enough. I love the Lord and I love his gospel, I have recieved so many blessing from the Lord. I have an amazing family and the best friends ever! I love you all so much. I have an understanding of why I am here, where Im going, and where I came from. I have the atonement, which without, life isnt even worth living. Because of our Savior Jesus Christ, we have everything we could ever want and need. He loves us so much, and is so willing to help us. Will you all do something? I want you to read in 3 Nephi when the Lord appears to the Nephites and then keep reading the next few chapters while he ministers to them and while you are reading think about what it would be like to see Jesus and to hug him and bow before him and kiss his feet. I know the spirit will touch your heart and you will grow closer to Christ. I WANT to SEE HIM, I want to stand before him and know that he is pleased with me and what I am doing. I know He loves me and that His love for me will never die, but to know that he is pleased with me is a whole nothing story. Those chapters of 3 Nephi and so powerful. Pay close attention to what the Lord says and what he does, VERY POWERFUL!!

Well only 5 more weeks and I will be in Russia. OH I cant wait. I'm so excited. So the new group on russian missionaries come tomorrow. We are excited for them to come.

OK so yesterday the coolest thing happened. I got 22 letters in the mail!!! HAHA it was awesome!!! All of them were from Katie all the way from Hawaii! Everyone in my district was so jealous and so impressed. That set the record for the most letters recieved in one day in our district! haha it was a great day of my life!!

So i hope everything is going great for everyone. Mom and dad, i hope you had fun in cali, at disneyland, and with little Trent, and with scott and amy! Drive by the MTC on your way home and wave to the buildings, im sure i will sense when you drive by. Rhiana hows school, are you almost done with that class, Amy have you started school yet, Hollie and cam whats up with you, and scott and amy how is little trent and life as parents? ok now you all have to write me and answer those questions!!!!! and add in alot more info about your amazing lives.

well once again my time is up :( I love you all and mom i will send pictures soon, i am developing them today

Love always and forever
cectpa gneiting

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