Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hello My wonderful family,

How are the lives of the Gneiting/Kuehnes? anyone else reading this? I'm doing supper supper good! Everyday is amazing as a missionary. I still like here, but am so ready to get to Russia. Im not ready to speak the languange though, so a few more week will be good. Only 5 more weeks and then I will be in Russia!!!! YAY!! I cant wait, obviously since I have a countdown. The older group of missionaries left for Russia yesterday and today. So now we are no longer the new russians! Yesterday I had a new companion, it was one of the native russian sisters. Her companion and all the other native sister had already left so she couldnt be alone. So she asked me to be her companion, her room is right next to ours. So we had a good time yesterday. It was nice having her around all day, she taught me alot about Russian. I became really good friends with all the native sister, she all loved me!! haha ofcourse right? One of them is going to my mission, well she probaly is already there cuz she left yesterday. She is awsome, so maybe we will be companions someday!

You will never believe what happened!! Someone stole my camera! On sunday I had it with me cuz as a district we went up to the temple to take picture. We went back to the class and I was looking at the pictures I had taken and then I left it in our classroom and went to the fireside. Well that night I couldnt find it anywhere, I thought I had misplaced it. So i looked in the classroom and my residence room. Well it was nowhere. My camera case was in the clasroom though, which i thought was weird since it didnt have my camera in it. Well after searching, I reached into my camera case and my card that stores the pictures was in it. So someone went inot my classroom and stole my camera, they were nice enough to leave the memory card though haha. I was mad at first when I thought I had lost all my pictures, but once I found the memory card I wasnt mad anymore. I thought maybe it was the elders playing a trick on me, but they said they didnt do it. So I probably need a new camera. haha My memory card fits into sister boggs camera so if I really need to take a picture I just use hers. Try to buy on online, you can probably find a good deal. Gary usually can find really good deals of things, so maybe ask him. Anyway I was so excited to tell you all that haha. Great story to tell that my camera was stolen at the MTC.

So mom guess who spoke at RS on sunday?! Sister Susan W. Tanner! She did a really good job, ofcourse. After RS we went and meet her. She was way nice. We have devo tonight, which is always a general authority, we havent had any apostles come since I have been here though. I think it will be an apostle tonight, but we dont find out until like 20 mins before devo start. Cross your fingers that it will be!!!

So I got to go to the temple yesterday and today. And yesterday I even got to do baptisems, which missionaries arent allowed to do. I have my connections! haha no since I was companions with the native russian sister, we were allowed to. Since there are no temples in Russia, the natives can do whatever they want! so i got lucky. Tomorrow we have to teach the First lesson in Russian, no english! Kind of scarey, but we will do fine.

Well I am almost out of time again. 30 mins is not enough time. I love you all so much. Still waiting for pictures of Trent! He sounds like a cutie, Im sure he is cuz it runs in the family!!!! Well I want you all to know how much I LOVE being a missionary, everyday i am so thankful. I am so excited to share this gospel with the people of russia. I pray for yo uall every day, you mean so much to me. Remeber the Lord always and how much he loves you. Never lose faith, faith blesses our lives. Through faith we dont every need to fear. God and Jesus christ love us so much and want us to be happy, allow them to do that for us.

Cectpa Gneiting

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