Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Hello family and friends!!!!
How are you all doing? I hope you are doing great! Seriously, where does time go!!!!!!!! Well first off all I have very little time to write, I spent to much time reading emails sent to me and then realized my time is almost done :(((( sorry. You know forgiveness is a very important characteristic!!! haha Well I will type fast, so excuse my many mistakes in spelling.
Well it has been a great week! Our investigator Katya is coming along great. She is still searching for her answer to if the church is true, but we have had some great meetings with her and I she will find her answer soon. She is very involved in our meetings and really likes what we teach and is always paying attention and listening and giving great answers to questions. She is a great girl and I am very grateful for the opportunityty to teach her. She has been to church and many activities and is developing great friendships with the branch members. We also have a new investigator named Tamara who is 82 years old!! She is soooo cute. She was a former investigator like a year or two ago but the sisters only had i think 1 meeting with her. Well anyway we have meet with her twice and she is great. The thing is that she talks a lot and gets side tracked, so its hard to teach much. You know how grandparents like to talk and tell lots of stories about their life. The stories are great and its really great to hear about her life, we just hope to be able to teach her more. We will continue to meet with her. Well you remember Natasha who was baptized a few weeks ago? Well she is continuing to be great and continuing to grow. Well the next cool things is that her and her mom have a young girl living with them. We went to there house yesterday and had a lesson with them and this girl named Anya joined in on our lesson and she was very interested. We invited her to meet with us again and she said she would like to. So we are really excited about that because Natasha and Lyudmela will be great examples and help for teaching her.
Well today is pday of course and today we are going to watch the movie Saints and Soldiers on the projector at the church building. Im excited because I really like that movie and its been a long time since i watched it. Dont worry we have permission to watch the movie :)
Also this week we are having zone conference. We have zone conference ever transfer and the president of our mission always comes to Irkutsk for it. Usually we have it later in the transfer but this time they want to do it earlier for some reason. So I am excited for that. Its is always such a spiritual experience and I always learn so much from President and Sister Trejo and the assistants to the president. So next week I will write you about that.
So soon will be the Temple dedication for the Kiev Ukraine Temple. All of russia will be in its temple district and so its a really big deal here. Its almost as if there was a temple coming to russia. Ukraine is a different country ofcourse but in a lot of ways like russia. Its make us here in russia excited for the future temple to come to russia. Ukraine is being an example for Russia. We will be able to watch the dedication for our branch building and right now all the members are getting their interviews for the branch president so they can attend. It will be a great event. Also in a few weeks the patriarch for russian is coming to our mission and our city. There is only one for russia and he has to travel around to all the area through out russia. so he is only comes very rarely. Its been along time since he was here. So we are preparing the members for the great blessing of receiving a patriartical blessings. They are very excited for him to come.
Well my time is done. So until next week!!! I love you all sososososososos much!!! Have a great week and I cant wait to hear from ALL of you :)
love you all,
Sister Mindy Gneiting

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