Tuesday, August 17, 2010



Well things are great here in the beautiful city of Irkutsk Russia!!! I just love being here so much. I love being on a mission and I cant even dream of being anywhere else. So things are great right now. So I think I told you last week about our investigator Tamara who is 82 yrs old. Well........ great news........... She is getting baptised :) She loves meeting with us and coming to church with us and she has accepted everything we teach her. So this last week we talk to her about baptism and she told us that she was already baptized when she was a baby. So ofcourse we talk to her about how only our church has the priesthood and the authority to baptize. Then I asked her what she remembered about her baptism and she said "nothing ofcourse I was a baby" and then we talk about how Christ said that little children dont need to be baptizd and we talked about how it should be our choose if we want to be baptized and she said "yeah I mom made the decision not me" and then she said she wanted to be baptized in the true church of Christ and the right way. So I am very excited that she has made this decision. So if everything goes as planned she will be baptized on the 28th of August.

So this week I will be in a different city. Tomorrow morning I get on a train and ride to Ulan-Ude. I will spend the rest of the week until Monday there and then come back here to Irkutsk. I am doing this because right now I am without a companion. My companion is a mini missionary which means she is just a young girl from my mission who is serving one transfer as a missionary. This week is the young single adults conference for the mission so she is at that. So I am being sent to Ulan-Ude to be with the sisters there. So that will be exciting.

Yesterday the senior couple Elder and Sister Southam left to go back to America. They have finished their mission. It was sad. They have become like the missionaries parent. They take care of us. I just love them so it was sad to say goodbye. They had been here in Irkutsk for a 18 months, so the members here love them so much too. so everyone was sad to say goodbye.

Ok so right now I am with a girl from the branch, she is my companion for the day. Well she is awesome and she has a car!!!!!!! Of course the missionaries in Russia dont have cars, so its so awesome that she has a car and is driving me around haha I didnt realize how much i missed my car until yesterday when we went to the gas station and I begged her to let me fill it up with gas :) So I am on cloud 9 right now!!!!

Well I have to get going to meet with the elders for an activity. I love you all sooooo much!! Have a great week and everyone should send me pictures

Love you
sister gneiting

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