Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Hey Hey Hey its Sister Gneiting!!!!!!
Ok this last week has gone by soooooo fast. Its was a good but interesting week. Monday was a normal day as a missionary. Tuesday morning and afternoon were normal, but then that evening we were at the train station alot. First the senior couple Elder and Sister Southam left to go home to america. So we went and said goodbye to them. It was really sad because I have been here in Irkutsk with them for 7 months and they have become like my mission parents. So it was sad to say goodbye. Then a couple hrs after that my companion, who is a mini missionary and a youth from the mission, left with the other youth from Irkutsk on another train to head to the Youth Conference and they were there all week. Then on Weds was pday and then Thursday morning I got on a train and spent the whole day traveling to Ulan-Ude and got there in the evening. So Thrs night until Sunday afternoon I was serving with the sister in Ulan-Ude. Ulan-Ude is a great city. Its a very beautiful city. This city is very close to Mongolia so there is a lot of asian people there. It was a really great city. Well then I got back to Irkutsk Sunday night and then my companion got back Monday morning, but she came back sick so we spent the day home so she could rest. So the last week has been interesting and a little unusual. Yesterday though was a full day of missionary work, so we are back to it. It was hard being away from Irkutsk that long, because this is were my work is. So I had to leave the people I have been working with. Im back now so things are great!!
So I told you about our investigator Tamara who is 82 yrs old. Well things are going well with her. She is supposed to be getting baptized this saturday, but she is not quit ready so we will move the date back a little. Its just kind of hard with her because she is older and forgets thing easily, so we have to repeat a lot of things with her. We just want to make sure she really understands the gospel and about Joseph Smith and the Restoration before she get baptized. So we will continue to work with her. So please pray that she will be able to become ready for baptism. Sorry I dont have a lot to tell about my mission work here in Irkutsk because i was in different city for most of the week. The work in Ulan-Ude is great though. We met with some of their investigators, member, and less actives and they are working hard down there too.
Well the weather is starting to cool off here slowly. Thats a booger though because it makes me sad because I love the warm weather and im not very excited about putting my warm clothes back on. Right now the weather is ok but soon it will get colder. How is the weather there, is it still pretty warm.
So you asked about my Russian, well its coming along one day at a time. My russian is not perfect, but the most important thing is that I am able to do the work. The Lord really does bless us to learn this language. It is a very hard language to learn, but its amazing to thing a year ago I didnt know any russian really and now I am able to teach people the gospel and get along fine her in Russia. Everyday I just continue to study and show the Lord I'm willing to be here in Russia as a missionary. Even though the language is a booger and very hard to learn, its when I show my faith in the Lord and show that i am willing to struggle to do what he has called me to do as a missionary that he blesses me. Work Work Work is what we can do to show our faith.
Well I love you all so much and again I hope you have a great week. Stay strong, read your scriptures, and say your prayers!!
Love always,
Sister Mindy Gneiting

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