Thursday, February 25, 2010


Hello again all my favorite people!!!!
Well it has been a great week!! The last few weeks, or beginning of this transfer had been really hard for me. It was challenging in many ways.... but this last week was a big difference and i have seen the Lord lift me up and push me beyond the point i was before and has helped me become a better missionary. We truelly do have times in our lives that are hard and sometime we even feel like giving up, but if we fight through them and always remember to do it with the lords help, we come out better and stronger. The last 3 weeks were hard because everything was just slow and we didnt really have any investigators, the ones we did have werent able to meet with us. It seemed like almost everyone we tried to set up meetings with either couldnt or just wouldn't show up. So we were spending alot of time outside in the freezing cold Siberian weather doing a lot of contacting, which for anyone reading this that has been on a mission knows that contacting is usually not a missionaries favorite thing to do. Well we were getting really frustrated with it. So last saturday after having alot of days of feeling crummy, we decided to fast. We knew we couldnt do the work on our own. We know that Russia is and has been know as a hard country for missionary work, the work is slow here at times, but its possible and 100 times more possible and successful when we are doing it the Lords way. Well so before we started our fast we we really had no investigators that were progressing... but then with in a few hours we had a new investigator and some numbers of people we had talked to on the street that wanted to meet with us to learn more. This day was so unusual, we had people coming up to us and asking who we were and saying they wanted to meet with us. And the things was that we werent really doing anything different then we had in the past, the lord saw our faith and saw our sacrifice and saw our huge disire to be good missionaries and he providing this people for us and putting them in our path. It was a great day. That day we meant with a girl who had met with the missionaries in the past but not for along time. We had a great meeting with her and then after wards she asked me why we decides to call her, and the answer was that we felt the holy ghost promt. We then said, well why did it take you so long, i have been waiting for the missionaries to call me again!! She wants to meet again, and she is a great girl and we are excited to teach her. Also yesterday we had a first meeting with two girls from english, and it was probaby one the most spiritual lessons and best lessons i have had. We watched finding faith in christ and then after talked about christ and why he is important for us. It was a great lesson and they too want to meet again and learn more about joseph smith and how the church was restored!!! Those are just a few of the things that have happened this last week! It really has been a great week and a week that i has been directed by the lord. The last 3 weeks were hard, but i know i learned for them and have relized again the miracles the lord can do.
Well today we went to LAke Baikal, and it was BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING. Im trying to attach photos but it is takinf forever so you might not get any. But it is so beautiful. The whole thing is frozen right now and we walked out on it and we could look down through the ice because it so so clear. It was just so amazing, sorry i cant even describe it. This lake is the deepest lake in the world and the world biggest fresh water lake. YAY it was huge.
Well i love you all so so so much. Keep being amazing and dont forget about me all the way in siberia OK!!!! haha
Love always
Mindy- Sister Gneiting
Sorry you only got 2 pics one of my comp and i on the lake and then one of me lying on the lake. i will send more next week, well hopefully Love ya

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