Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hello again everybody!!! It has been another great week. Well i actually have news this week. I am being transfered. I am actually going to see what the rest of russia looks like, and when i say i rest of russia, i really mean the REST well almost, but i will get back to that. So i am being transferred to Irkutsk and will be serving with sis read. Do you remember how i meet that other girl right before I went into the mtc who was going to the Novo mission too through one of my friends.... well thats her!! haha she is a transfer younger than me and I will be senior companion. I have mixed feelings about everything, but i know everything will be ok.

My russian is ok, but i still have a long ways to go and its hard to understand people at times. im sure her russian isnt much different then then mine so it might be challenging at times with russian, but I know the Lord will help us. This is what the Lord wants so we will work as hard as we can and he will make up the difference. I know this is going to be a huge learning experience and i know my russian is going to get alot better this transfer. The only other companions i have had have been russia, which means they know russian perfectly, and so when i dont understand what is being said i could always rely on them for help but know it will be a little different with have a younger american as a companion. So yes i am a little nervous but i know everything will be ok, the Lord always provides a way for this servants.

So anyway I leave Novo tonight, weds night at 11:30 on the train and ride all night and then all day tomorrow and then all night tomorrow and then get to Irkutsk at 9 or 10 am. So when i said I will see the rest of russia i wasnt joking. It will be cool to be on the train. I will be with a couple other missionaries too, so dont worry about me being on a train all by myself. I am sad though to leave Novo, i love it here and will miss it. I have been here for four month and so i have gotten to know the people here very well. I will miss them alot, but i will see them again. Alot of missionaries have to come through Novo when they are being transferred.

Well mom i still havent gotten that package, but dont worry that normal. it taked about a month to get here. I will eventually get it. They will just keep it at the office until someone go to Irkutsk and can bring it with them. So one day i will be very very happy!!!

So the work here in Novo is going well, i am leaving my area in good hands with the sisters here. We have some great investigators who will hopefully be baptized soon, I will be sad not to be here to see that. Also i had told you how there is alot of inactive members in our branch and how we have been visiting alot of them and trying to bring the spirit back into their lives so that they will want to return to church. Well alot of them have started coming back!!! This last sunday we have a lot of people at church and it was great, i hope that continues.

Well I cant really think of anything else to say. I love you all though so much, thanks for being the best family and friends ever.

Well I love you all so so so much. Keep being amazing!
Mindy - Sister Gneiting

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