Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Well you havent heard from me for awhile, because i think my last two email didnt get to you. So sorry about that. I am alive and well though. So i think in those emails i wrote about christmas and new years, so you havent heard about my holidays here in russia. Well everything was great. Both christmas and new years we spent at presidents house. We spent those two days just relaxing and playing games, watching some movies, and eating ofcourse. Also on new years eve we had to be home at 4 pm for the night. New years is a huge holiday here in Russia and very much celebrated and people can get very crazy and drunk, so we stay inside away from the partying. New years eve for all the missionaries in the mission is deep cleaning day, so when we got home at 4 we cleaned. So while everyone else was out partying and celebrating new years, we were cleaning! haha Missionary Life is GREAT!!!!!!

So in the last email, which i dont think you got, I told you about this lady in our branch that died last week. She wasnt married and lived with her parents.we would go and see her every week. It was a surprise that she died, everyone was shocked. Her mom is a member and also in our branch but no one else in her fam is. We went to their house the day after she died and the mom was said of course, but her knowledge of the gospel helped her alot. But her dad, who is not a member, was taking it very bad. He was drinking out his sorrows and pains. When we were at their house I felt so bad for him. I felt like we need to teach him and get him baptized and get this family sealed. He would just pace the house mumbling thing (of course drunk) and it was really sad. At the funeral he was just sitting next to her casket crying and crying and not really looking at anything else. Elder Miller (he and his wife are here on a mission) spoke about the Plan of Salvation, and during his talk the dad looked away from the casket and just starred and Elder Miller. I thought again,we need to teach him. I prayed that we would be able to help him and teach him. Well prayers are answered and heaven father loves all his children and........this last sunday the mom told us that the dad wants to start coming to church with her and that he wants to be taught about the church!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited, i couldnt stop smiling. I just kept thinking, THIS FAMILY AND BE TOGETHER FOREVER!! So we taught him a couple days ago about the restoration and the lesson was great. He said he would start reading the book of mormon and come to church and his was very happy and of course his wife is happy. I am very excited about teaching him. The Lord works in mysterious ways but he will provide a way for all the children of god to hear the about the gospel.

We have 3 other investigators who are progressing and getting closer to being baptized. They accept what we teach and understand. Hopefully soon we will have some baptismal dates.
So today we are going to the Ice City!!!! I guess its like a city carved out of ice, so that will be cool. I will send pictures.
So this week is Zone conference! I am way excited. Zone conference is always amazing and i learn so much from president trejo and his wife and the other leaders of the mission. I always feel a bust of energy after zone conference.
I havent gotten the packages but it is just probably taking forever. Thats ok though, it will be a surprise when i get them
Mom you said in you email that we are the same temperature right now and that it is really cold for you!!! Haha i was think that it feels really warm, i wasnt even wearing my gloves today!!! haha it has been so cold here lately. like -30 F so -5 F is great!!! HAHA I LOVE SIBERIA!!!!!!!! Oh and dad guess what, the tip of my nose did get frostbite, haha it was probably like 1st degree (idont know if that applies to frostbite) but yeah something happened to the tip, but it is better now.

So the pic Danna put on facebook, well i am not sure what pics they are. She had my camera for awhile, so maybe she put some one from my camera. Thats probably what they were. Oh I love that girl, she is amazing. I hope you can meet her someday. She is really wanting her sister to come to church things so right now we are working on that. Her sister is scared what their mom might do, but Danna is a great example and very strong is the gospel and has a great testimony. She is such a pioneer for her family.

Well things are great and i love Russia and I love being a missionary. The gospel is true and Jesus Christ is our savior and this is his true chruch. I love you all so so so so much!!!! Have a great week!!!
Love ya all
Sister Gneiting

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