Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Well hello again to my wonder family and friends,

Well life is great and the work here is great, EVERYTHING is great.

So here in Novosibirsk there is alot of less/inactive members and we have been spending alot of time visiting and teaching them and we are seeing our effort with them payoff. The last couple sundays we have had alot come back to church! They are needing to be reminded of the importance of the church and reminded of the reasons why they joined the church. The amount of people at sacrament meeting in increasing very week lately and hopefully more and more will continue coming.

Then our invstigators are doing great to. One 19 year old girl named Marina started reading the book of mormon this last week and she also prayed for the first time like EVER in our meeting with her. We are seeing a great change of heart with her and she is progressing great. I think she will soon have a baptismal date set. Also we are teaching a man named nickoli, he is a husband to a lady from our branch. We ask him to read the BOM last week, which he did, but he was confused by alot of thing. We told his wife to read with him and help him understand it, and she hasnt done it much but we taught him yesterday and they said they would read together and also pray together. The wife very much wants him to accept the gospel, which he has accepted what we have taught him and he is progressing. Its wonderful to see the gospel bring a fam together. Many of our other investigators we havent been able to meet with lately, either they are sick or working or something, so that has been a roadblock.

So also great news, we have a meeting with Danna's sister Victoria tomorrow. She is 21 and Danna has realy wanted her to come to church activities but Victoria is scared what their mom will do if she finds out. I have only meet her once, so we are excited to meet with her tomorrow and teach her.

So yes it is very cold here, the last few days have been very cold. The coat and boats i have are really warm though and so i dont get to cold when i go outside. If we are outside for a long time it is usually only my toes that get cold.

So tranfers are next week!! I cant believe it. Time is flying by. We find out friday night where we will be next transfer. I have been here is Novo for 3 transfer, so i could very likely be transfered somewhere else, but where the Lord needs me I will go. If i do get transfered it will be hard to leave Novo, I love it here and the people here are great.

So i finally got the chistmas package from the Ward. It took over a month to get here! haha crazy. I loved it though. A lot of people had put letters in it. Tell the ward thank you sooooo much for that. Reading what everone wrote was a great blessing. Everyones love, support, and advice is helping me be a better missionary. I love the Newdale Ward.

Mom I cant believe you graduate soon!! Thats so awesome, you are amazing and the best mom ever (yes everyone it is true). So Mom for the college class you are helping teach, some good questions that an investigator might ask the missionaries could be: Why do I need to be apart of an organized church, why do i have to go to church when i can worship how i want at home, How can you believe Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus, he could have just been a crazy man gone mad (someone asked me that this last week), I have already been baptized in a different church, I believe god is a energy and not a real person. Anyway those sould help.

Well i love you all so much,
Sister Gneiting

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