Saturday, October 9, 2010



Sorry I am emailing you a few day late, I hope were not scared I died or something!!! This week we had a 3 day training with our Mission President so we didnt have our usual pday on Wednesday so today is pday instead. I will just say WOW!!!!!!! This training we just did was AMAZING!!!! This training is being done all over the world for all the missionaries. Salt Lake wants us to be better teachers as missionaries. So they have made a new training program and have changed som thing about missionary work and now through out all the world we are starting this program. The training was so awesome and it really helped us to see how we can be better missionaries. We went over alot of stuff, 3 days worth of learning. I am really excited to talk from what i learned for the rest of my mission and do a lot better work.

Well I have great news... our investigator Marina, who i told you has been waiting for her answer about baptism, decided on a date to get baptised. Her one concern about getting baptized is that she doesnt want to to it with out being ready. She has told us many times that she knows the church and everything we teach her is true and she is living by the commandments. She really is ready top be baptized, but she know that baptism is a very important thing and she wants to feel completely ready. So anyway we set a date with her for the 30th of october and told her that we would help her prepare and be ready for her baptism. Please keep her is your prayer that we will be ready to be baptised. She is such a great girl. Her mom was baptised about a month ago and together they are both so strong in the gospel other then the fact that Marina isnt baptized. It is so great to see families come into the gospel together. Another investigator Valentina we think is close to excepting baptism. She believe 99.9% that the church is true, so we need to work with her on that other .1%. We need to get her to church though, she didnt come last week. So maybe thats why there is .1%. Anyway I'm excited to be working with her.

Oh I almost forgot the BIG news!!!!!........... I'm pregnant!!!!!!!!!!! haha well not really. That is mission slang for that I will be training next transfer. We always call out trainer our mom or dad for the elders. So i will be getting a greenie or daughter right from the MTC!!! The way cool thing is that she is from Germany!! Cool huh? I hear she speaks english though, so that will be good. She will get here from the MTC on wednesday and then probably be with me on thursday. So this means that it is transfer time again, but I will be staying here in Novo and be training Sister Shwab. It will be great! I hope I will be a good trainer for her. So I'll tell you all about her in 2 weeks cuz next week when i email i wont know her yet.
Amy I'm not sure what your surprise for me is, but I'm way excited about it!!! Dont give it to anyone else. Good luck on your last semester of school!!! I cant believe you are finishing, thats awesome! Keep working hard your almost done. As we say on the mission alot "Endure to the end"!!!!!

Well its really starting to cool off here. We have been wearing coats for a couple weeks now. No snow yet thought but probably soon. I miss the warm weather, but what can i do? Nothing, so i will live with it :) It has actually been raining a lot lately. Siberian winters are awesome though!!! I can say that i lived through 2 siberian winter if i make it through this next 3 months!!! That's pretty impressive!!

So I can't really think of much to say, Oh actually i know!! I pierced my ears!!! Many of you probably thought i had pierced ears, but i didnt. Anyway last pday i pierced them. I got some ear rings for my birthday but couldnt wear them, so i fixed that problem. Right now i have to wear the ugly beginner earrings though, but soon i will have cute one :) haha so thats more news!
Well another Internet session has come to an end :( I love you all sooooo much!!!! Have a great week!

Sister Mindy Gneiting

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