Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Hey its me ur russian missionary!!!!!!

Well its been another great week in russia!!! So finally after much waiting i have my new companion, well we have been together for almost a week now!! She is awesome!! Like I told you before her name is Siter Schwab and she is from Germany. She speaks great english and is working now on her russian. She is a greenie so this is her first transfer and week in russia. Everthing is so new to her and she doesnt understand a lot of things that people say in russian, but I'm trying to help her alot. Its interesting being a trainer, but I like it. It helps me to be a better missionary because I really want her to start her mission off good and get into good habits as a missionary. So I'm trying to do things different and to be better in my missionary work so I can be a good example for her. We are having a good time together though. I really love her already.

So things are still going great with Marina. Her baptism is still set for the 30th and she is still excited about it, just scared of the water. We talk to our mission president about it though and he said we can do a test run/dip with her a couple days before her mission so that she will not be scared of the water and be ready for her baptism. So we will be doing a fake baptism, interesting huh!!!!! haha She is just a great girl and im so grateful for the opportunity to teach her. Please continue to pray for her that all will go well with her baptism next week.

So to answer your questions mom. First about the jobs, yeah I would really like to get right into work when I get back. So yeah do what you can to find some options for me and I really want to just stay in rexburg until school starts in april. So a job in rexburg would be great.

Dont worry about sending me a package for Christmas. The package you sent and I just got was AWESOME!!!!!!! Thanks soooo much, it was filled with so much stuff that I needed!! Im enjoying everything you sent!! So you dont need to send anything for Christmas, i will be home soon after that and we will celebrate then!

I havent bought any boots yet. I'm looking to see if i can borrow some from someone since i will only have to wear them for about a month or so. So i will let you know. I did buy some other things that I needed so you will notice that on my debit card.

So last week we finally watched general conference and it was sooooo great!! I wish we could have conference every week or at least month, 6 months is just toooooooo long of a wait. I learned so much. Also this weekend we are having the Novosibirsk district conference and Pres Lawerence who is in the east europe area presidency is coming with his wife. So it will be a 2 day conference, kind of like stake conference but a little different. I was asked to be Sister Trejo's (our mission presidents wife) translator. So i will follow her around and translate what she says into Russian and then tell her what people say to her. Then when she gives any talks or something i have to translate in front of EVERYBODY!!!!!!!! I'm a little scared, so please pray for me that I will be able to do a good job. It will be a good conference though. It happens i think once a year and is always alot of help for the members here.

Well right now I cant think of anything else to say, so I will just tell you how much I love you. Well I love you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!! Have a great week!

Sister Gneiting

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