Friday, September 17, 2010


HELLO FROM RUSSIA!!!!!!! thats me screaming, i hope you heard it,
Well really it has only been a few days since i email you last, so not much has happened. Actually really not much at all has happened. My companion is really sick and has had a temperature for over a week, so we have spent most of our time home so she could sleep and get feeling better. So we havent done much missionary work. Its really weird actually not going out all day as a missionary. Today was the first day that she actually said that she felt a little better. So hopefully she will get feeling better and then we will get back to our work.
As a companionship we are serving in 2 different branches, but church is at the same time on Sunday. So one Sunday we went on splits and she went to the 1st branch and I went to the 4th branch. Most of the people in the 4th branch I dont know, so it was good to get to know all those members. After church we had some meetings with those members too and had some good meetings. Members are one of the most important parts of missionary work. As we work with the members they begin to trust us and feel comfortable with us teaching their nonmember family and friends about the church. So we are working with these members to think of people that they know that we can teach.
Well we havent been able to meet with our investigator Marina so is close to baptism for a few day since we have been home so my companion to rest. I did see her yesterday at english club and she is doing good and still reading the book of mormon and still looking for her answer about baptism. Hopefully soon we will meet with her again.
Tonight we are going to a hockey game. The pro team from Novosibirsk is playing. Im not sure who they are playing, but it will be way fun. Last time i served in Novo we went too and President only lets us go once a year i think, so i got pretty lucky that i get to go twice!!! haha
Well i cant really think of much more to say, so im going to spend the next little while attaching some pics cuz it usually takes awhile on these computers. So ok im gonna do that....... well sorry its not working. the computer wont let me download my pictures. So i will try again next week :( sorry
ok well i love you all and im sorry this email was really lame and not interesting. I hope you all still love me!! Have a great week!!

Sister Mindy Gneiting

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