Saturday, September 11, 2010


Hello everyone,
So sorry this email is getting to you 2 days late, I hope you havent been worrying! I was on my visa trip on Finland and Moscow this week so I didnt get a chance to email on wednesday. So dont worry, Im still alive!!!!
Well this last week as been busy, crazy, and different. Last week I left Irkutsk on a train and was on the train for over 30 hours traveling here to Novosibirsk. So now I am back serving in Novo which was the first city i served in on my mission. It is nice being back, but i am in a different part of the city so there are new people to meet and a new area to get to know. My companion is Sister Antonova who was my companion for 2 of the transfers that I served in Irkutsk. So we are excited to be back in together, but we both dont know a lot about the area we are in right now but we will figure it out together.
It was really hard for me to leave Irkutsk. I was serving in that city for almost 8 months, so I was really close with the people there and all the people we were working with. I knew everything about that city, even the Zone leaders would call me when they didnt know things and ask me question. So anyway its been hard being away, they were like a family to me, but I know the Lord needs me to be here right now, so I will continue to do the work here in Novo.
Well I have only really been here for a few days, so there isnt much to say about our work here because I dont really know about it myself haha but we just had a baptism last saturday. A lady named Lena was baptised and the great thing is that we are teaching her daughter who is 20 years old and her daughter is close to baptism. She still waiting for her answer she says to get baptized, but she is really serious about getting her answer, so hopefully soon she will decide to be baptized about follow the example of her mom. They are both great. There are also some recent converts that we have had a couple meetings with since I have been here and then some inactive member also who we have meet with. Next week when I email you I should have more information about this area to share with you, just right now i am trying to figure it out for myself haha
My visa trip was great. So i packed a change a clothes, my toothpaste and tooth brush and we headed off to Finland again, but unfortunately the temple was closed so we werent able to attend a sesson. Instead we just spent more time exploring Helsinki and seeing the cool sites. One place we went to was what is called the "church in the rock." The name basically gives it away, but it is a church that is inside. Im not sure what religion it was, but it is a working church, like they have religious meetings and stuff in there. It was really cool to see. Helsinki is a very beautiful and nice city and the people there are so friendly. Also this time we had a 12 hour layover in Moscow, so we were able to go into town and explore too. We spent most of our time around Red Square which is just amazing. The building are just sooooo beautiful and the grounds of the Red Square was so beautiful. Last time I was there it was snowy, but this time there was green grass and leaves, daffodils, and other flowers and it was soo gorgeous! Also we say a big police escort for someone. I dont know who it was, but someone really important, maybe President Medvedov. Anway there was a really nice black limo surrounded by alot a big police vehicles and they drove down the street next to us. It was cool to see but we wished we knew who was in it. I'll send you some pictures next week, just remind me.
Well I have to get going cuz this isnt pday and we need to go do some missionary work. Well as always I love you all so much and hope you all are doing great!!!! Have a great week!!
Sister Mindy Gneiting

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