Monday, July 5, 2010


(Two new emails - read them both)

Happy 4th of July week!!!!!
I hope you all have a great 4th of july because its my favorite holiday and I am going to miss it. I'm in Russia, so for sure there wont be a celebration here haha So I will wait till next year.
Well I am sorry this probably wont be a very long email. Soon we have to go meet with our zone for an activity we are doing today. But really nothing too exciting or new has happened this week ;)))
So our investigator Natasha who has a baptismal date set for July is going as great as ever. She is continuing to progress great and is getting ready for her baptism. She loves coming to church, reading the Book of Mormon and learning more about the Church. She is so willing to follow our savior and his commandments. We asked her if she had prayed and asked God if this church was true and she told us she did and that she received an answer that it is the true church. It has been so great to see her come unto christ and accept his gospel. Another investigator Ira is also progressing. She has no background really at all of religion, so everything we teach is very new to her. We have a lot more to teach her, but she is very interested. We are working with her on prayer right now and that God really will answer our prayer. Isnt it amazing that God has blessed us with the gift of prayer. Prayer works, it truly does. God listens and he hears us and he will always answer our prayer, but sometimes we forget to listen or watch for the answers. My testimony of prayer has grown alot lately, even in the last day. I have never prayed so hard before and its not for myself, its for others. There are people here that i communicate with everyday that I know need god's help, his love, his comfort, and his protection. I see these people and wish so much to help them, but with some of their problems there is NOTHING i can do to help them and the only thing that comes to my head is PRAYER!!! Pray for them! God knows how to help them and he may be the only one that can help them. Yesterday I saw how through our humble and sincere prayer God will help those in need. Yesterday someone we are working with here very much needed Gods help and after MUCH prayer I saw his love and help extended to this person. Prayer works and we need to have faith in our prayers and remember that they truelly are conversations with our loving Heavenly Father. I encourage you all to pray for others, recognize the needs of others and keep them in your prayers. This is a service we can do for all the children of God.
So what else is new... Well we do have a new investigator that i m excited to start working with. The elders have been teaching a young girl Yana, but they think it will be better if we take over teaching her. She is a great girl and is very interested. We're excited to start working with her.
This saturday we are having an activity with the branch and then anyone else we invite. It is a soccer game which is girls against boys!!!!!!!! Our Branch President is a professional soccer player but he will be on the girls team :))))))) it should be really fun!
So mom to answer your questions, yes I know Elders Drasso and Eborn. I only know them from the visa trip though. They both seem like great missionaries. I will probably serve with them someday. Yeah and Elder Drasso is from the Newport area. Small world!! Yeah while we were in Finland there was only 3 hours of darkness. There is not much darkness here either. We go to sleep at 10:30 to light and wake up at 6:30 to light too. I am not sure what time it gets dark though. Its interesting though.
Well i love you all so much. Thanks for all your love and support. Until next week :)
love always,
Sister Mindy Gneiting

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