Wednesday, December 16, 2009

притывег ргожщгыо лтекдяцт рекдлсит

Hello Everyone!!! Happy Holidays!!! Ok so that Russian doent mean anything or say anthing. The keyboard was just set to type in Russian when I started so I typed some letters. It takes me forever to find the right letters in russian though on the keyboard for me to actually type you something. My email time is precious and goes by fast so i wont, so thats all the Russian you get haha

Well everyone, yesterday was my 5 month mark as a missionary! Can you believe that, i cant! time goes by so fast. I am a week away from my 3rd transfer here in Russia, WOW!!! Only 13 months left, I dont feel like thats enough time!! Rhiana I remember you told me once that when you got to your mission right away you felt like you were running out i time, I agree with you I feel that way to. So I need to not waste anytime, besides it the Lords time not mine.

So I leave for Finland on friday morning!! I cant believe I am going to Finland haha Im on a mission but i get to do a little traveling across Europe while Im here haha pretty cool. I am so excited to go to the temple though!!! It will be great! I cant wait to tell you all about Finland.

OK so that gets me to my next point. I told you I would email you on the 19th to let you now forsure were i will be for christmas calls, well i will be in Finland on the 19th so that wont work. I will probably email you on the monday when i get back from findland. So make sure to check your email to find out my details. I CANT WAIT TO TALK TO YOU!!! ok so i can only recieve one call, but you could can do a conference call some how or just hold the phones together so Scott and Amy and Hollie and Cam can talk to me too. Also you can call me at 8am christmas morning for me, which would be the 7pm on christmas eve for you. So it will be christmas for me but not for you, but thats ok. Let me know if that works for everyone, if not email me so i can know by the time i email you about the exact detail on monday so we can figure it out. Or tell Danna to ask me! haha yeah having Danna around is way nice!!

Amy and Hollie HAPPY BIRTHDAY coming up!!!!! You guys are getting so old, haha jk I love ya!! I hope you both have great birthdays. Im sending you both a big hug through this email. I love you both so much!!

Mom and Dad totally awesome that you saw the Prophet!! WOW!!!! Im a little jealous :)

So one of our investigators named яна (Yeana is english) we had a miricle with this week. She has been very interested in the gospel and i feel she is getting close to baptism but for the last couple weeks she disapeared and we had to idea where she was. Her phone wasnt working so we couldnt call her and she didnt come to anything. So every sunday we have a fireside at one of the senior couples home and we had just left our apartment and i thought, lets call Yeana just to see if her phone works and invite her to the fireside. My comp got the phone and went to call her and said, pray that she will answer. SO i said a silent prayer as she called... we her phone still didnt work and so we didnt get ahold of her. So we headed to the Simmons home (senior couple). WE got to the simmons home early because we had 2 meetings the before the fireside. WEll our phone starts ringing and my comp answers it and guess who it is YEANA!!!!! She told us she had changed numbers and thats why her other phone wasnt working and she asked us if there was a fireside that night. We invited her to come and we had a meeting with her about the plan of salvation before the fireside too! I know that was a answer to my prayer. Prayer is real and it does work, but only on the Lords time. So her phone works now and she is able to come to all meetings and things and we are hoping she soon will except the invitation to baptism. I love being a missionary Well I love you all so much and I CANT WAIT TO TALK TO YOU!!!!!! Have a great week!

Love,Sister Gneiting

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