Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Hello from frozen Siberia!!!!

There is SOOOOOO much snow right now!! I LOVE IT!!! I dont remember there being this much snow last year. The drifts of snow are so big and dip. I keep jumping in them. haha yes in my skirt!! haha I'll say to my companion. "Look at how deep that is!!!! Here hold my bag Im going to jump in it!" haha its so fun!!!! I keep telling her tha for pday we shuld just go around jumping into snow piles, but we havent done it yet :(

So first thing is first!! Rhiana your poems you send me are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never read better poems then yours!! They are fabulous!!!! There you go, was that good enough??? Sorry everyone but that was a inside joke with her!

So the work here is going great right now. I told you that the last few week have been hard and it seemed like even after all our efforts nothing was happening. Well now I can see that the Lord was giving us the opportunity to show our diligence and desire to work. The last week and a half have been so rewarding and we have found 5 new investigators.One is a young girl Anya wo is 8. Her mom is an inactive member of the church. Anya wants to get baptized, but we dont know how much her mom wants her too. Her mom is not against the church, but I just think she has lost her testimony. We are working on activating her so that she will be supportive of anya. We asked her mom about her baptism and how she found out the church is true and her answers were very great. She said her baptism in our church was very special and a new start for her and she also said she knew this church was true and she received an answer through prayer. We plan one getting Tanya (anya's mom) around some ladies from the branch that can befriend her and help her to return. Another new investigator in Irina and she is just great. She is a lady we found contacting on the street and has come to english many times and is interested in the church. We met with her yesterday and she said she really likes what we has found out about our church and that she thinks that if there is something better or more true then she would want to be apart of that. She said she would pray about the the church. There are also some other great investigators that we have found, but right now i dont have time to tell you about all of them. My time is short today to email.
Things are awesome here though, other then we are having plumbing problems again. Right now we cant use the shower, so we had to go to the senior couples house to use theirs. WE hope it all gets fixed soon.
OK im sorry that this email is so short, but know that i love you all so much. Mom i thought of some recipes for you cook book, remind me to email them next week. Everyone have a great week and enjoy the christmas spirit and celebrations!!!

Love as always,
Sister Mindy Gneiting

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