Thursday, June 3, 2010


Hello from Russia,
Ok so i only have a little time to write. So i got my birthday package!!!!! Thank you for everything, it was great. I loved it. I love all the cards from everyone, and I love how some of you attempted to write me in Russia haha it was great!!! Thanks for all the little gifts in there too!!!! I love you all soooooooooo much!!!
Well life is greater then ever! Yesterday we had Zone conference, so President Trejo (our mission president) and his wife are in town. Yesterdays conference was just amazing. I learned so much. A great thing about life is that we aren't prefect, yes some may think that is not a great thing but, that means we can always learn how to be better and always improve ourself. A mission is one of the biggest learning experience EVER. We are here to serve the Lord and help people accept the gospel of jesus christ, but we arent perfect, although some may thing that. I remember before i served a mission thinking that missionaries were perfect. I thought that as soon as a person was set apart to be a missionary they became perfect and set off on their journey as a missionary and did all that missionaries were supposed to do perfectly. Well soon after being set apart i realized that wasnt true. The more i learn as a missionary and the more I apply the atonement of jesus christ to my life, the better missionary i can become which means i am more prepared to help people come unto christ. The atonement is the biggest and most important blessing for us. Everyday through the atonement we can become better and become more like christ. No matter who we are our or what we do, the atonement works for all of us. Yesterday at conference i learned alot. I have been taught how i can become a better missionary, so i am excited to start doing the things i know i can be better at, and show the Lord i am willing to become the servant he wants me to be.
Well the greatest news right now!!!!! Marina was baptized!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! It was a beautiful ceremony too. She was sooooo happy. Then she was confirmed a member and recieved the Holy Ghost on sunday. It has been such a blessing to teach her. She is already so strong in the gospel and so willing to follow christ and his teachings. I have pics from her baptism but i forgot my camera, so i will send some next week.
So you wont believe it but....... it is already almost transfer time. This friday we will find out where we will be next transfer and then the beginning of next week we will all start moving to the new areas. So next week i will let you know were i will be. Also next week i go on my next visa trip already. We will be going to finland again. I am excited to see all my missionary friends that are serving in other areas that i havent seen for awhile. There is a group of us that always go together on visa trips.
Well i have to go. I love you all of course so so so so so much!!!!!!! Have a great week!!!

Love Sister Mindy Gneiting

PS Just to let you know, I first typed sister mingy gneiting hahaha

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