Wednesday, October 28, 2009

HELLO HELLO HELLO!!! Its me again from Russia!!!!

So it has been another GREAT week here in Novosibirsk!!! Mom so you got Danna's facebook add, haha. The other day she wanted to look me up on facebook and so she did and then she added you and Amy I think, I am not sure which Amy Gneiting though haha. Get on my facebook and accept her invite for me so she can look at my page. So Danna is AWESOME and yes her baptism is in 3 days!! We are so excited. Oh and you pronouce her name Donna but In Russian it is spelled данна which in translation is Danna, haha i dont know if that made sence. Well yes she is amaxing and very strong in the church and has a great testimony and so very very ready for baptism. I will send you some pic of it next week, well I guess check her facebook and you will probably see them faster haha.

So mom i asked one of the other sister missionaries here about if she has recieved any packages with food in them and she said her packages always have food and she doesnt think that anything has ever been taken out, so if you still want to send that package i think it will be ok, because those hand warmers sound really nice!!!! So we have snow now. the last week it has been snowing every day. It isnt too cold yet so i havent started wearing my fur coat but i am wearing my fur lined boots. I am excited to see how cold it gets. Danna told me a couple years ago it got down to -50 C , so im not sure what that is in F, but usuallu it is gets around -30. So yeah really cold.

Thanks for all the pics of trent Amy and Mom, he is so cute and funny. I laughed when i saw the pictures. So he is getting to be a big boy, huh? Yeah he will be a sports star some day, train him well!!

Dad thanks for the Yankee update, I got really excited when i read they are in the world series!! Let me know how it goes.

Grandma and Grandpa thanks for the email! Sound like things are going well in Montana, stay warm!! I cant believe you are almost done with your mission. You are awesome, Love ya

Amy I just started reading the BOM and am going to read it all the way through before the end of the year too!! So yes we can totally do it together, I am in 2 Nephi 9, so you need to catch up haha

So i tried to upload some pic to send to you but i dont have the right cord. so i will try to figure that ok and then i will send you some pics!! Oh but the simmons have a blog that they do it is i think so you can get on there and they keep it updated.

So we have some other great investigators. Another one name Ula wants to be baptized and we set a date with her to be baptized, but she smokes but she wants to stop, so we need to work through that first before he can be baptized. We are also teaching Galena, Luda, and another Ula who all are very interested in the church. I just LOVE being a missionary and espeacially a missionary in Russian. This place is amazing. I know this is where I am supposed to be and there are people here that the Lord needs me to share the gospel with. The gospel is true and it is the most important thing we have on this world. It can save every single soul on this earth. I want to return to live with God again and I want my fam there too but I also want every child of God there and its only throught the gospel that can be done. The Lord love us so much. It interesting to see how there are so many people here in Russian with out the gospel, but the gospel is getting bigger and bigger here. The Russians are excepting the gospel and we as missionaries are working hard to get it to them. I want you all to know how much I love you and how thankful i am for your love and support. I wish i could sit here longer and type more to you, but there is work to be done. I love you i love you I love you!!!!!

Sister Mindy Gneiting

P.S Just to let everyone know, i can only write one email which is this one i write to mom. Anyone can email me though and i can include a reply to you in this email. SO i expect a lot of emails next week :) My email is:

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